12 Perfect Steps to Become A Software Engineer Without A Degree In 2019

Become A Software Engineer Without A Degree

Become a software engineer without a degree is possible in 2020 and the upcoming future.? My answer is YES. You can become a programmer without a degree.

Howdy, coders! So in today’s internet era, technology developed by day by day. As days past, we can see new things in the world.

As technology increase day by day IT industry, it is also booming on top. So in this digital era, everyone wants a high salary job, relax lifestyle, Saturday and Sunday weekends and less hard work job.

So everyone dreaming about high attractive salary software jobs. Yesterday, I asked a question to my junior about his career. He smiled and replied to me that he wants to become a professional software developer.

Just like changes using technology, Myths about if you do not get CS Engineering degree. then you did not become a software developer.

In 2020 digital era, You can Become a software engineer without any Computer degree.

Some people know about me. As I am a mobile app developer, I see the reality of the IT industry. If you are good at coding, don’t need to find any job, they will find you.

Top MNC likes TCS, Infosys in India and Google, Microsoft and Apple in foreign countries Looking for good coders. Day by day, new technology is coming, but newbies can not get enough knowledge in their respective college.

Even world biggest company, Google also announced that they don’t want Only CS degree students, they want a good programmer.

If we good at write code, then doesn’t matter which background are you coming. Then Forgot about the college degree. If you have enough programming skills, then degree doesn’t matter.

I will guide you today. So if you are coming from a non-IT background, then you also become a software developer from scratch.

12 Perfect Steps to Become A Software Engineer Without A Degree

Step 1: Decide Your Goal, Focus, And Commit to It

become a programmer without a degree

Want to Become a software engineer without a degree, then you must decide your goal first. Become a programmer without a degree is not that easy. But it’s not impossible.

When you set your goal, you must be the focus and commit to it. If you have dedication and commitment, then it is easy to become a software developer from scratch.

Without these three things, you never became a professional software engineer.

Step 2: Choose a Programming Language to Learn

There are various programming languages to learn. You must choose according to your interested domain.

Here are some top 10 best programing language for beginners to learn in 2019.

According to me, Python & JAVA both are easy to learn and popular in industry demand.

Once you have learned programming languages, their frameworks, and technology, you will be master in that language. And become a programmer.

Step 3: Practice What You Learn

A software engineer is not only about you learn any programming language, and you will become a programmer.

For becoming a professional programmer, you Must need to practice what you learn. Most famous developer, even I also spend daily 10 hours to do code.

As you practicing daily coding, then your journey to becoming a software engineer without a degree must be closer.

Step 4: Ready Other Peoples Code 

If you want to become a professional Computer programmer, then you must be read professional developer code.

You can use GitHub For finding professional developers codes.

My suggestion is you just not only read their codes. You should implement it in your code. Using these techniques, you can become a professional software engineer.

Step 5: Find a Programming Community

Every field has its community. So IT Also have a community. Around the world, we programmers have a community. Where we can know about programming updates, daily news, and many more things.

The community like Stack Overflow where we can ask programming related doubts And solves our questions.

Github also a community where we can add our programing related projects or codes.

Step 6: Use Tools That Real Programmer Use

Using tools like sublime text, VS Code, Atom, Android Studio Many more. Use of these tools then you look like a professional Developer.

become a programmer

Always touch with professional developers on social media. So you will learn new things from them. It is also possible they will share their journey and experience with you.

Step 7: Design Your Degree

Yes!for a job You don’t have a computer science degree. so for making a career in the software industry quickly, you need to create your degree.

Using your programming knowledge and problem-solving skills build project. Create unique projects and upload on Github.

Remember, these projects tell them about your skills and knowledge. So when you apply for a job you always on top of the list compare to other students, even Computer science student.

This thing helps you to become a software engineer without a degree.

Step 8: Build Your Professional Network

This is a very, very important aspect of your journey to becoming a professional software developer.

The best way of building a professional network is Linkedin.

Linkedin is a social network site for professional peoples. Create an account on Linkedin and build your network with developers.

Step 9: Prepare For Interview

Now your main focus is to get a job in big MNC with Attractive Salary. 🙂

I am Right.? But for achieving your dream, you need to practice for the interview. Don’t worry coders… for the beginner’s interview process is not that difficult.

Step 10: Go For Job Interview [ Hit The Market ]

If you do this all stuff, honestly no one can reject you in the interview. You will rock in the conversation and get a highly attractive package.

Become A Software Engineer Without A Degree From Scratch

Please Never forgot me and thanks me later. 😀

Step 11: Always Accept the First Job Offer

Is It necessary? Not. But you become a software engineer without a degree. So first you need to take some experience in this field.

That’s why I think you should accept your job offer. Otherwise, the choice is yours. 🙂

Step 12: Now Can I Become a software engineer without a degree?

Why Not?

After the follow above all steps, you will become a professional software programmer.

Final Word

Above are the 12 Perfect Steps to Become A Software Engineer Without A Degree. It is necessary to follow all the steps. Ready my article then first think about your area of interest then go for it. I am dam sure that you learn very quickly. And you became a software developer.

Which language do you like the most? Feel free to make a comment below and let me know.

We hope this article helped you to find out how to become a software engineer without a degree.

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