Top 10 Best Programming Language For Beginners In 2019

best programming language for beginners

Howdy Coders! so let’s discuss the top 10 best programing language for beginners in 2019.

I know why you have to come here. What is the best programming language for beginners? Everyone has the same question is, right? So today I will clear all doubt related to best programing language for beginners to learn in 2019.

Nowadays, programming skills are high in demand. Top MNC Recruiters want job candidates with High programming and logical skills, and people who can good at coding earn higher salaries.

Learning programing language help employee makes a career into a demanded field like web development, software development, and Mobile app development.

What programming language should I learn first? Everyone has the same question. Before we look at best programming languages to learn, firstly ask yourself about which language you are enjoying at the time of learning. Think about which field you have an interest.

Best programming language to learn to depend on why you want to learn programming languages. If your career goal has to become a mobile app developer, then you should learn java. Have your dream to become a data scientist in the future? Then you don’t need to learn javascript, and other stuff goes directly through python.

While time goes old programming languages become obsolete and, new programming languages launches. There are only two types of programming languages: 1) high-level languages, e.g., python 2) low-level languages, e.g., c, c++. But I will suggest if you are a beginner and want to learn the best coding or programing language to learn, then you should go for high-level languages.

When we are comparing both high level and low-level language, high-level languages are easy to learn as compared to low-level languages. Low-Level languages were quite challenging to learn.

10 Best Programming Language to Learn for beginners in 2019

Best Programming Language For Beginners

1. Python

Yep.! you read right. Python is our top selection for the best programming language to learn for a beginner. I always suggest python to people if they are looking for a simple and easy language to learn.

Python is available in English. So everyone can quickly learn. Apart from other languages, python has a less complicated syntax; that’s why nowadays python is the most popular language. In the future, these languages have a very bright future as compared to other programming languages.

Why is python on top? Because Machine Learning, AI, and Data Science are emerging fields and Python is a staple programming language in such software development programs. Apart from python also used in Web and Internet Development, Scientific and Numeric applications, Desktop GUIs, Business applications.

2. Javascript

Remember: both java and javascript are different languages. Only their names are similar to each other. So never confused between them.

JavaScript was earlier called LiveScript when it first developed and released in with Netscape Navigator 2.0 in September 1995. Later, it was renamed as a JavaScript.

Why is javascript on 2nd in my list? Because there are several reasons. Javascript is the most useful programing language today’s. Every website, application, the software uses javascript to create fast web pages. Even our blog also uses javascript.

The main reason why javascript is the most popular nowadays is their framework. Such a framework like NodeJS, AngularJS, ReactJS, and framework like react native used for making hybrid applications.

Guys, I know you don’t know about this, but I’m a react native mobile developer. So I surely know how popular language this is. It is straightforward to understand and learn. If you were looking for a first best programming language to learn, then you blindly go for javascript.


Finally, I am coming to JAVA. I know about many students, even I also passionate about this language because java is Roxx. JAVA is most popular and using this in software development as well as mobile app development.

Java is created by James Gosling at the sun at sun microsystem in the year 1996. Java is an object-oriented programing language. If you write code once then, you can run the same code in any machine or any device and work cross-platform.

If you have interest and passion about mobile app development, then you blindly go for Java. And one thing always remembers java is an old language. But it does not die in the upcoming future. Almost half of the software industry running on java so just chilled out don’t worry you have a good future.

4. C#

C# is quite challenging to learn as compare to others. But yes stills its an excellent best programming language to learn for beginners. C# almost uses similar syntax which follows by C, that’s why it very easy to understand for those who know C language.

If you are a master in C, then C# is very easy for you. C# mostly used in .NET Libraries. C# widely used in enterprise Cross-Applications Development, Web Applications, and the skills are in demand.

5. PHP

Best Programming Language For Beginners

It is easy to learn as a beginner. The syntax is understandable and straightforward to learn. Php is a Functional and Object-Oriented Programming language. Php mostly used as web scripting languages. Many web developers using PHP for building websites.

Most popular websites such as WordPress, Facebook all developed using PHP. So Never think about a shortage of PHP jobs.

6. R

R is a comprehensive statistical analysis programing language which encourages you to develop new ideas. As a mathematical language which is considered to be very easy to write code. R is mostly used in Linux and Microsoft Windows.

R is open-source software. Therefore anyone can use it and make changes accordingly. Mainly Data science is a highly growing field, and R is primarily used for data analysis.

7. Swift

Are you thinking about to make a career in IOS development? Then swift is the best programming language to learn. Apple developed swift in 2010. Those are thinking about ios development then this is the best choice for you. just similar to python swift code also in native English. So it very easy to learn and remember for beginners.

It is a new programming language so very less swift developer in the market. If you are looking for the best programing language to learn and get a job quickly, then this language is a perfect choice for you. in the market, especially the US market demand of IOS developer is high. Hence this is an excellent choice for beginners.

8. C++

Many guys are coming here, and they have an interest in game development. So are you looking for the best programming language for games for beginners?. then no need to thinking more. C++ is the best languages for game development. Almost 90% of games developer uses C++ in their games.

It is a low-level language. So compare to others, it is hard to learn. But don’t worry, it is not impossible to determine. You can get a high salary in C++. Those who want to make a career in game development then this is the right choice for them.

9. C

Almost every beginner know about C. C is a low-level programing language. You can also call C is the foundation and first language of programming. Those who are coming in the software development field they first learn C as a primary language. It is hard to learn. If you think to start from scratch, then you can go for C.

After learning C, you must learn above anyone language. Only knowing C, you cannot get a job in today’s market.

10. SQL

It is mostly used in backend development or database. SQL is a Structure query language. SQL is Optimised for large numbers of table rows. If you have had a large number of data in the database, then using query you can search easily. Every software need database at the backend. Hence SQL is highly used language.

Frankly telling I don’t like SQL hence I don’t have interest in SQL. But a top company like Oracle demand a large number of SQL developer. So you should go to SQL, and it is easy to learn.

Final Word

Above are the Top 10 best programming language for beginners. It is not necessary to learn all languages. Ready my article then first think about your area of interest then go for it. I am dam sure that you learn very quickly. And you became a software developer.

Which language do you like the most or new to you? Feel free to make a comment below and let me know.

We hope this article helped you to find out the best programming language to learn for beginners.

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